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We offer Car Tracking, Security and Biometrics Solutions with clients ranging from individuals to Corporate Organizations. We offer a Comprehensive Fleet Management Solution and the required Technical Support with a well Trained Technical Team offering Installations and Maintenance Nationwide.

Car Tracking Services

Our Car Tracking Solutions gives you timely information about the location and state of your vehicle. Our highly trained technicians install a GPS tracking system in your car. This tracking device will be capturing the location of your car in real-time and relay it when requested to your mobile phone via SMS or through the internet. Our tracking device will also be able to provide other information like the speed or fuel level. You can even control your vehicle. The Geo-fence feature enables you restrict the movement of your vehicle within selected region. For example, with a Geo Fence you can restrict the movement of your car within say Lagos. Once your vehicle leaves Lagos or any region you will receive an SMS alert, you may then decide to call your driver or execute an engine cut. Car tracking solutions from Stremcom Tech also offer an SOS alert button, which you can use in emergencies. Stremcom Tech will help in the recovery of your car when stolen.

Fleet Management Solutions

Our Fleet Management Solution is similar to car tracking, but is targeted on corporate clients or individuals and businesses with two or more vehicles. With Fleet Management solution from Stremcom Track you can see the state and location of all your vehicles in one page for easy monitoring. Our Fleet Management solutions are recommended for businesses like: Transportation Lines Haulage and Logistics Taxi Shuttles and Cabs Services Emergency Response – Ambulance, Security, etc Supply Chain Network Insurance Firms Oil and Gas Tours and Travels Outfits Security – Cash in Transit, etc Fleet Owners – Lease and Rentals

CCTV Solutions

CCTV (Closed Circuit TV) enables you monitor activities in your office, home, or compound. At Stremcom Tech, we can help you deploy IP security and surveillance cameras in strategic locations in your premises and provide you with a feed to monitor activities in your premises on your Computer or TV monitor. We also provide a value added solution that enables you monitor activities in your premises via the internet or on your mobile phone. Stremcom Tech CCTV and IP Camera Solution is great for: Homes Offices Factories Governments Stores & Shops Shopping Malls

Access Control Solutions

Our Access Control Solutions provide locks that can only be opened by authorised personnel. You provide your personnel with tags/cards which they use to gain access to authorised areas. The Secured doors will only open when a personnel with the required access level uses their card/tag. The system will also provide a record of who visits where and when, providing the System manager with record of movements. Access Control Solutions from Stremcom Track is a great way for monitoring movement of your staff in and out of the premises and secure areas.

Fire and Burglar Alarm

At Stremcom Tech we can install Fire Alarm Solutions for Homes, Offices, Factories, and Government Buildings. During a fire our Alarm system will alert everyone in the building for prompt evacuation. We also offer Burglar Alarm solutions.

Electric Fence

Our Electric Fence Solution enables you protect the perimeter of your land, farm, or compound from intruders and animals.

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This is a service that enables you track the location and state of your vehicle, fleet, or any valuable asset. A GPS tracking device and other sensors are installed in the vehicle or asset to relay the location and other useful information about the vehicle/asset.

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At Stremcom Tech we offer a wide range of GPS Tracking and Security Solutions for homes, offices, government, etc. Our solutions include Biometrics Solutions, CCTV / Security Camera, Electric Fence, Fire Alarm, Burglar Alarm, and GPS Security Solutions such as GPS Car Tracking System, Fleet Management Systems, providing Realtime information about ones loved ones and personal or corporate mobile assets.

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